GoHub Ventures invests in LifeX Ventures, a US-based fund focused on technology, longevity, and Climate Tech

GoHub Ventures
2 min readApr 4, 2023
  • This is the first investment of GoHub Ventures Fund II. LifeX Ventures has $100 million to invest in 45 startups in Europe and the US and is managed by Valencian Iñaki Berenguer (Coverwallet) and American Amol Sarva (Halo Neuroscience).
  • “We will soon announce the second operation of the fund,” says Inés Calabuig, managing partner of GoHub.

Valencia, April 4, 2023. GoHub Ventures II announces its first investment in the US through LifeX Ventures, a $100 million venture capital vehicle managed by Valencian Iñaki Berenguer (Pixable, Contactive, Coverwallet) and American Amol Sarva (Halo Neuroscience, Knotable, and Knotel) with the purpose of investing in technologies that extend people’s lives and help solve the global environmental challenge.

Converted into an independent fund and regulated by the Spanish Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV), GoHub Ventures’ second investment vehicle reaffirms its international vocation, its commitment to local entrepreneurs with the greatest success, and the diversification of its investment portfolio, whose core will continue to be highly technological startups with B2B SaaS business models and exponential scalability based on their product, vision, and strategy.

The mission of LifeX Ventures, according to Berenguer, “is to commercialize the latest scientific advances that today sound like science fiction so that anyone can be treated, cured, and monitor their recovery at an affordable price” thanks to the most sophisticated software and artificial intelligence. The biotech sector, predicts the Valencian, “will be where many of the world leaders of the next four or five years will emerge.”

Inés Calabuig, managing partner of GoHub Ventures, says that the fund’s strategy is “to invest not only in technological startups in verticals such as Enterprise Software, Cloud Infrastructure, Artificial Intelligence, or Web3 but also to diversify through partnerships with other venture capital funds in areas with immense growth potential and a clear impact on people’s well-being and planet care (Climate Tech).”

Calabuig anticipates that “a new investment will be announced soon” and that the team “continues to work to find good opportunities both in Europe and in the US and Latam.”

LifeX Ventures already has 12 startups in its portfolio (nine American and three European) and plans to raise this number to a maximum of 45. For Berenguer, GoHub Ventures’ participation “represents a great honor and a demonstration that in Spain, there are also VCs that support the most avant-garde innovation.”



GoHub Ventures

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