Juha Berghäll, CEO at ONEiO, and Inés Calabuig, The Global Water Challenge & Sustainability Manager in GoHub.

The startup ONEiO wins GoHub’s Global Water Challenge in Helsinki for its no-code solution for integrating data into multiple systems

GoHub’s international initiative to find disruptive solutions for the sustainable digital transformation of industry, chooses the Finnish startup as the winner of the competition during a gala event at Slush, Europe’s leading technology event

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4 min readDec 2, 2021


The startup ONEiO, which has developed a no-code platform that enables companies to integrate all their information systems without the need for programming knowledge, has won The Global Water Challenge (TGWC) in Helsinki.

The international initiative launched by GoHub, the corporate venturing arm of Global Omnium, together with IBM Finland, the financial services company Nordea and the University of Helsinki, set up shop in the Nordic ecosystem, one of the most innovative in the world, to attract the best startups providing disruptive solutions that drive the digital transformation of industry, improving processes and enhancing sustainability.

The winner of The Global Water Challenge Helsinki was announced this Thursday during the final gala featuring five startups held in pitch format at Slush, the leading technology and entrepreneurial event in northern Europe.

ONEiO is a platform that brings automation to the business information systems integration environment and helps more people to join in the creation of work tools. No-code solutions, the area ONEiO focuses on, have experienced huge growth in the last year and combine the need to connect data and information from multiple sources with agile, fast systems, without the need for programming knowledge.

The platform created by the Finnish startup provides dozens of no-code connections with the most common systems and software on the market, enabling organisations to create their own connections, as well as to customise and define flows without having to program or have any programming knowledge.

ONEiO solves many of the challenges posed by TGWC, such as the digital transformation of systems, cost optimisation, process automation and the reduction of environmental impact.

Juha Berghäll, pitching in Nordea Booth at Slush.

The startup was selected by a committee of experts made up of TGWC’s organising partners. As the winner of The Global Water Challenge, ONEiO is set to receive an investment of up to €3 million. It will also be given the chance to develop a paid use case at Global Omnium, one of the world’s top five water utilities, and will become part of its portfolio of startups.

In addition, it will also benefit from business development opportunities and alliances with TGWC’s partners and their networks, as well as having preferential access to research and innovation activities and platforms in the Finnish technology ecosystem.

The finalists in the competition were Okeanos Smart Water, specialising in the production of water from humid ambient air; Vektor.io, which enables integrated visualisation of 3D graphics, GIS and IoT device data; Yield Systems, which develops machine-learning solutions for the agri-food value chain; and Awake.ai, an artificial intelligence platform that connects all the operators in the port logistics chain.

The keys to The Global Water Challenge

The Global Water Challenge is one of GoHub’s flagship projects. It is based on the premise that industry processes must be optimised if resources are to be managed sustainably and more efficiently. Technology and digital transformation are pivotal to this goal.

To this end, GoHub launched a call for startups in the world’s most important ecosystems, in conjunction with strategic local partners. The roadmap started in New York and, after Barcelona, has been replicated in the Scandinavian ecosystem with Helsinki as its epicentre. By 2022, it is expected to reach Canada and Amsterdam. For more information: https://theglobalwaterchallenge.tech/

GoHub by Global Omnium

GoHub, launched in 2019, is Global Omnium’s corporate venturing arm for investing in startups which bring disruptive solutions to process automation, cost reduction, product innovation and sustainability in Industry 4.0.

The Global Omnium Group

Chaired by Eugenio Calabuig, Global Omnium was founded in Valencia 130 years ago, and operates today in over 400 cities in Spain, where it manages the entire water cycle in conjunction with local governments. Its international expansion through Idrica, the utility’s technological solutions platform, now encompasses four continents with over seven million customers. Global Omnium is a benchmark in the sector and is among the top five water utilities in the world.



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